Saturday, February 27, 2010

Royal Africa Company

The Board of Directors would like to report that the Royal Africa Company has established holdings in western, central & southwestern Africa for exploration, colonization and trade. Of course our establishments there will serve as a safe haven for travellers from Europe if assistance is required. A modest fee for merchants and travellers, while the gratuitous grace of our Lord Duke Augustus shall serve for any visiting royalty.

Shares of the Royal Africa Company are available through our exchange in the city of Huack. Adventurers and scientists are welcome to apply for admission into our exploration branch, the Royal Geographical Society as well.

//signed// Baron Paul von Vorbeck, Governor, Royal Africa Co.


abdul666 said...

Exciting news!
Great minds think alike: daring exiles from Wittenberg are going oversea in search of adventures, fame and fortune.
Maybe the exemple will spread, perhaps a new dimension will soon be added to the interactions between 'EvE' countries?

Archduke Piccolo said...

Interesting... It is doubtful that any of the Wholly Romantic Inperial countries are in a position to take up this challenge (the Imperial Homelands and the Grand Duchy being landlocked, and the navies of Ursaminor and the Electorate being not overlarge, nor accustomed to the North Sea gales...).

But ... which century are we talking about here? If opportunities still exist in, say, 1880, I rather think Ruberia and Azuria might very well be interested in taking them up. I fact, years ago I had in mind a kind of 'Little Wars' campaign with an indigenous power (Black army - Zulus) fighting for survival against the Reds (Ruberia), the Blues (Azuria), the Greens (Gruenheim), and the Whites (something vaguely Arabic or Turkic).

The forces were not to be overlarge: maybe an Infantry Brigade (3 battalions) reinforced by a 4-gun battery and a troop or squadron or two of Cavalry. The battalions were going to be about 50-figures strong, with 16-figure companies; the squadrons also about 16 figures.

The 'Zulus' would have been organised in several units of 50 figures each, probably larger overall than any of the Colonial powers.

Of course, the whole thing was predicated upon everyone competing with everyone else, and there could be no alliances among the three European Colonial powers. The Indigenes and the Arabs could ally with anyone, but in the full knowledge that their allies would turn upon them the moment it was safe to do so.

It would (have) made for a fascinating campaign, methinks...

Bluebear Jeff said...

I have added a link (on the word "Huack") to the Saxe-Huack blog.

Please try to add such links in the future so that we can get to the appropriate personal blog for more information.

-- Jeff, EvE Inhaber