Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The fight at the Dog House ....

After first leaving my nitrostats instead of the film ... then being snowed in for three weeks ... Frankszonia finally has visuals again!!!
Hottatrot appears suddenly to take command of the southern army and prepares to meet the rampaging forces of the Colon Coalition ... from another blog entirely ...


Bluebear Jeff said...


It is hard to keep track of all of the different blogs.

I know that Frankszonian forces are involved in a proxy battle somewhere, but don't recall where.

Links to the relevant blogs would be appreciated.

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

Sorry about that!
It's part of the Beerstein story line ... Alesgarden and all, the Colon Coalition was trying grabe Alesgarden, and their army collided with Beerstein at the same time that I had an expeditionary force suppressing a mutiny of militia which had been sent to kill the zombies ...

Frankfurter said...