Monday, February 1, 2010

(OT) SPAM -- Please Help


Over the past few days I have removed close to ten SPAM comments from your various blog posts . . . but I don't always check comments.

So please help me by emailing me whenever you see a SPAM comment.  My email address is . . . . . . and kindly let me know the title of the post that the SPAM comment is on so that I can remove it.

-- Jeff

1 comment:

abdul666 said...

I use the 'e-mail' alert utility to be warned every time a comment is posted on my blog. Already allowed me to delete a few spams, most seemingly in Chinese (or was it Japanese?).
Of course, since nobody (myself excepted!) ever posts a comment on my blog, my e-mailbox is not submerged by such 'alerts'. I understand it would become 'heavy duty' for the manager / owner of a rich collective blog such as 'EvE'.