Friday, January 8, 2010

August in Unkerlant (big Moves)

August finds Unkerlant's warring factions making bold moves, possibly to secure lands before the kingdom's terrible winters.
Prince Ruprect reorganized his Borogravian forces, and spread out to capture Wissenburg in Sumpftlund, Ferlangen in Salacia,Klessen in Overholt, and Carroburg in the Principality of Hurn (no doubt for a liaison with his mistress).
In a audacious move, Duke Sigmund decided not to relieve his forces at the capital, Keonigstadt.
Instead, his remaining forces made a mad dash for Franistover's capital, finding it undefended. The Duke lost Keonigstadt, the garrison surrendered to Franistover forces, but hamstringed Prince Adalbert by cutting him off from his own lands.
As mentioned before, Franistoveran armies captured Unkerlant's capital, but lost their own.
Amidst all this marching about the kingdom, the Arch Duchy of Volborg has been remarkably sedentary. Possibly licking it's wounds from the battle of Vollenbeck? The Duchess's only move was to take the fortress town of Waldbruk in Durmwald.
With 2 months of campaigning left, one can only imagine what will happen next.

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