Saturday, May 18, 2013

AAR in three acts

Just posted on the Defiant Principality blogsite the first one of a series of three AAR reports, reflecting the development of a critical battle from three different points of view, in a chronological sequence leading to the battle climax and aftermath...
This first report is intended to reflect the point of view of the entrenched defending line men (and women), heavily bombed at the battle start while the enemy tide approaches.

The battle was actually gamed on last weekend using BLB 1st edition (we haven't had the time to read thoroughly enough its 2nd edition) with 15mm miniatures of my own collection. I played the Spanish side and my gaming mate Jordi lead the Catalans, while Herr Rittmeister Krefeld (Stephan) performed as privileged witness, reporter and international adviser to the Catalan side (grrr). Quite a lot of fun, wish we can repeat such events more often!

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