Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What Happens when a Big Army wants to move through your tinpot Imagi-Nation?

This occurred to me yesterday when writing up a game we had recently, where my small Imagi Nation of Saxe-Märchen faced a part of the Prussian army . Now my lot (by my narrative) are currently a contingent in the Franco-Imperial army, and faced off a part of a Prussian army which had clearly moved through one or more of the various Hesse-Hatlands.

In the Seven Years War the Various Hesses are (nominally) on the Prussian side, so maybe then they give them passage while guarding their daughters, ducats and livestock - but what if the Prussians want to move through your tinpot state and its nominally on the Other Side?

(I'm thinking of a storyline here for my Imagi-Nation btw....) 


Rittmeister Krefeld said...

I guess it all depends on politics. You could ask for money to let them pass. If your army is big enough for the mayor nation in question not to want your troops on their enemy's side, then they should behave nicely. Think Brunswick in the Napoleonic wars, and Saxony in the 7 years war, whose army got absorbed to little success in the Prussian army. Sounds an interesting scenario in any case. Looking forward to see how you develop it.

Fire at Will said...

Not much we could do to stop them, as they would far outnumber our forces. We would apparently withdraw into our sole fortified city Pappenheim, while complaining loudly to them and the Emperor about the intrusion.

But behind the scenes we would have done the maximum possible to make this a difficult manouvre. Frundsberg southern region is all drained marsh so we would simply remove the bridges, further north, which is extensively hilly and wooded other blockage would be created.

The pox is also likely to recur in these times of stress, and stories of this plus some well administered food poisoning is another deterrent.

The most vulnerable city is Sonnenbad, which has no defences and is the watering hole of choice for various personages across the Empire who come to take the waters, so we have to rely on the force of public opinion to moderate the behaviour of any troops passing through.

MurdocK said...

Politics are the critical item here.

on a scale of 1-5 where 1 is you are friends and 5 you are on the other side ...

1) obvious, your army is absorbed with good effect into the larger one.

2) your army is absorbed, with suitable compensations (or promises thereof) such as lands and or titles perhaps cash payouts.

3) some 'negotiations' may be taking place just before the crossing, ambassadors will be sent with the gifts and other promises for the safe passage ... though the threat of crossing without warning will be ever present. If negotiations go well, then your little place may be spared conscription - possibly even make out with some good booty. If they go poorly, then the fate #4 will be the result.

4) Forced crossing, with little warning and conscription along the route. If any forces are assembled to stop them they will be harshly dealt with. Most likely your forces will have to fall-back out of the travel route or, if your only fortifications are on the route, then into the fortifications to politely await their passage.

5) best bet is to flee with your mobile army into the opposing camp, get your little force out of harm's way and fortify your hard points, if you have any fortifications, garrison them and flee. Any attempt to stand against such a large force that considers you the enemy will only result in your destruction. IF you have a fortification far from the most likely route then you may consider holing up there ... however you will likely be fore fitting your alliance with the other 'allied' nation (empire etc.)

Jiminho said...

A guerilla campaign of course!

MurdocK's answer looks pretty complete to me!

freecloud said...

Thanks all...good analysis by MurdocK. I guess my tinpiot lot has git it worse in that they have done a (2) with the French and sent c 80% of their forces with them, but the problem they will soon have is with the British/Hanoverians....

Ritter von Krautheim said...

Luckily I am far removed from the Prussian State!

The Emperor seems happy to leave me to fight the dastardly Turk as I please.

freecloud said...

Well, the situation is getting hairy....the Hanoverians are hreatening to threaten, and Desperate measures are required. We are going to recruit...a Militia!