Friday, May 10, 2013

Ambush in the Pyrenees AAR

A pretty small, albeit furious battle has taken place on 7th December 1713 in a remote, snowy valley in the Pyrenees. A full battalion of Walloons escapes from anihilation in the last minute, thanks to a momentary loss of control in their ambushing enemy's lines.
If curious, you can read the AAR here.


fireymonkeyboy said...

Looks to have been a good game; which side did you play?

Soldadets said...

Hi, fireymonkeyboy:

None of both, actually. It was a proxy gamed battle, performed by a friendly gaming group.

Our campaign latter turn produced two different battles; one has been played by proxy gaming, the other one is to be played tomorrow by ourselves.

Soldadets said...

...and in that particular battle of tomorrow, I'll be playing the "bad guys'" side, as usual :(

I mean, the side contrary to my own Imagi-nation. Isn't it funny?