Sunday, December 30, 2012

Your Help Is Requested

Fife & Drum British Light Infantry

Fife & Drum British Brigade of Guards in campaign uniforms.

The Erbprinz Friedrich Karl of Hesse Seewalt humbly invites the other Electors of the Realm to travel to the virtual of city of TMP, where there is being held, the annual elections of the Best Historical Miniatures Range for the Year 2011. Your journey will begin by clicking on the link provided below:

TMP Poll Link

The Royal Haberdasheries of Hesse Seewald have developed and clothed a new range of figures/uniforms called:

Fife & Drum Miniatures. These are a new style of uniforms suitable for both the New World and Olde Europe for Imaginations armies, as designed by the famous sculptor, Sir Richard Ansell, the Earl of Minden.

The Erbprinz would be most grateful if the assembled Electors would click on the link above and cast their vote for the Fife & Drum Miniatures range of figures. There are two rounds of voting. The first round narrows the field down to the top 5 ranges, so we have to generate enough votes in the first round to make it into the finals.

If you have previously purchased Fife & Drum figures or have admired them from afar, then the Erbprinz would be very greatful for your support and vote in this election.

There is also a final vote on the Best Historical Figure for 2011. Someone has graciously nominated the Fife & Drum Militia Officer (A1 - stock number) and your vote for this figure would also be graciously accepted.

Best Individual Figure - Finals

Please note that the voting ends on January 3, 2013 so there are only a couple more days of voting left.

Your Humble Servent

Frederick von Hesse Seewald


Michael Mathews said...

Already done when it was first posted. Haven't checked since then but your line was doing well at the time.

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