Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rafm compatible figures sought

Happy Boxing Day all!
I wonder if anyone could suggest manufactures of French Indian Wars figures compatible in size with Rafm figures? I found some today and thought I could use them for Tomahawks and muskets...
many thanks


Bluebear Jeff said...

I don't know if you knew or not, but RAFM is still around. Here's a link to their French & Indian War line:

And here's a link to their 1759 "All the King's Men" line:

I hope that this helps.

-- Jeff

Peter Douglas said...


I second Jeff's comment about Rafm. Other ranges that fit well are the old minifig ranges - still available, they are stiff in pose but paint up wonderfully well. Also I'd have a look at some of the wilder elements of the Perry AWI range for militia, indians, settlers and also regulars in cut down regimentals.


MurdocK said...

While Dixon minis claims to be on the 'larger' 25mm scale, I have found their tricorne minis from the 7 Years War range to be rather small, closer to the RAFM material.

Also Dixon tends to have more of the little details like packs and bags and lace, etc. Similar to the feathers and such like on the RAFM ones.

I have many FIW RAFM minis and so have done a close comparison to the Dixon ones.

Dixon FIW site: