Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Bishopric of Egghünt

Mesdames et Messieurs, meine Damen und Herren, Signore e Signori,  Señoras y sSñores Ladies and Gentlemen of Europia.  The Bishopric Egghünt is to become vacant, the Bishop elector Rollo Hershzy is near death and the Wholly Roaming Emperor and the Papersee are to renege on a solemn promise made to the Hugenose in the Treaty of Westfailure

War is looming between that Cataholic/Wholly Roaming Empire instrument of war  von Goutstricken  unt defender of Prosterident freedom von  Muchhousen. Undoubtedly the looming kaotic nature of the conflict threatens to draw in the Raugraviated von ze Tittanmuff and the Erzherzogin.

Due to their somewhat nooboorish nature the preliminary details are not within the scope or the command of technology of the two von's to be a record of that august recorder of events known as blogger. They are however attempting to utilize the Odd Fellows Lounge to journal the preliminaries and I will be making notes of the campaign in the Hesse-Kassoulet Kronicle as time permits. Both of the belligerents are old campaigners yet new to our way of war and I hope you will join us in following the manoeuvring both diplomatique and on the field of Mars.

Izzak Grimnebulin
Chef du Whip and Kronicler


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A note of warning from Monte-Cristo: during his long self-inflicted penance in the women jail of our Présipauté the (excellent, for all that) Cardinal Maximilian von Roskilde may have taken peculiar wonts. Not really 'bad' ones, mind you, specially in our enlightened age, but perhaps unexpected from a Lord of the Catholic Church (as is the nickname 'His Prominence' he gained there). Seemingly he was more affected by his sojourn among us than his colleague the Elector Spiritual of the Pangaean Germanische Reich, and that's saying a lot.
Then, the climate in Egghünt and its surroundings being highly unfavorable to sporting the (in)famous Monte-Cristan zerokini the good Cardinal will probably soon regain his previous composure.