Thursday, May 17, 2012

Welcome Home Jeff!

Greetings From Mafrica

General Pettygree: "Report doctor."

Dr. Watson: "Jeff is out of hospital recovering Sir."

General Pettygree: "Thank God. Singularly prodigious - what."

"May God be with you and may his face shine upon you!"
Padre Michael, Dongolo, Mafrica.

Col. Villainovich: "Did you hear Consul General?"
Kuragin (right): "Da. Jeff is back in his dacha recovering. Let's drink to that!"

Consul General Graham Day: "Well done Jeff. Stop by for tea when able."

Mr. Wyatt: "Huzzahs and best wishes from us at the Dongolo, Consulate."

Fort Grant, Mafrica

Rose: "It's only been a little more than a fortnight and he is back home in his stable."

Annie (left): "This is wonderful news. We love you Jeff!"

Lt. Col. Lawford: "There he is. Let's invite him to dinner soon."

Countess Alexandra: "Jeff darlink, please honour us with your presence as soon as we return from Terra Incognita. You must bring your lovely dear 'vife too."

Greetings From Germania

"I'll dispatch your problem with two pistol shots! Come closer so I can help."
Colonel Enigma, Gallian Army, Frankfurt Am Main

Lady Pettygree: "Hello JEFF! We'll be in Frankfurt Am Main again soon."

Lady Cherish Masquerade: "Oh do come to town. We'll have a party; a masquerade ball don't you think Diana with Jeff as the guest of honour. July perhaps?

Lady Pettygree: "Till then dear, get better soon. God bless you and your wife."
Get well soon Jeff!


MurdocK said...

That was just an awesome set of messages!

Dr Vesuvius said...

Bravo, bravo. So say we all!

Chris Gregg said...

A very clever montage. It taxes the brain wondering if there is something suitable in one's own collection to greet a returning wounded soldier. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Jeff.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Wow! What a delightful "coming home" greeting, sir.

I am humbled and amazed by your creativity.

So far about all I've done is sleep, sleep and more sleep . . . which is probably my body's way of telling me that I need to sleep.

Again, allow me to thank you most sincerely for your wonderful greeting.

-- Jeff

Chasseur said...

Good to know you are recovering. My prayers are with you my friend ... Jeff

littlejohn said...

Hear Hear!

A J said...

Marvelous work, sir! Touching and well-deserved.

Remco said...

Humor, and nice figures!