Saturday, May 28, 2011

Proxy skirmish available soon

Thanks to the advice and collaboration of Jiminho of Syldavia, I'm about to finish up a skirmish scenario (more properly, a quite 'pulp' one) involving several of our respective Imagi-Nations' characters. This will be available for anyone willing to fight and enjoy it -with the sole condition of a complete adventure review!

The plot is something like this: By mid 1713, an entourage of Catalan/Galatan dignataries are travelling toward Vienna, where they have been summoned to by His Imperial Majesty Charles VI (III to them as King of Aragon). Among them, the beautiful Lady Elisenda Countess of Prades. After some weeks spent along north Italian roads, they've finally arrived in Imperial lands -we've chosen a layout inspired on Bled area, in contemporary Slovenia, but as a matter of fact the location would better correspond to some village closer to the Venetian-Austrian border.

During their trip, a group of riders with a suspicious air has been sometimes spotted by our characters, so that they feared for a while to be under pursuit by Philip d'Anjou's agents or mercenaries... but now, with the border customs at sight, the Catalan/Galatan dignataries have started feeling safe, because they are finally in their Lord dominions... but perhaps it was too soon for them to relax! Coincidentally, another diplomatic entourage is about to converge with our dignataries -completely unaware from each other, of course: Herr General Ritter Kotrimanic and his Syldavian hussars retinue are on their way to Vienna too.

Scenario should be umpired, for neither side knows the whole; and we belive it might be run either with 2 or 3 players. It might require up to 10-12 dragoons, a similar number of hussars, about 3 dozens of "bad guys", a couple of stage coaches, a cart and the following characters: 2 ladies, 2-3 diplomats, 1 general/hero, 1 "bad guys" leader, 1 "bad guys" hero and a handful of servants, peasants and so.

It is not completely finished yet, because Jim and I are still discussing some minor details -but it will at a very short term; so that anyone willing to give it a try can prepare his tabletop room and order the necessary beer cans to his local store right now!

Hot news: The scenario is already complete and available for download, from this just posted introductory scene: Under fire!


MurdocK said...

Murdock'S MarauderS table is expected to be available for such an action by June 1.

Challenge will be the 'lack' of a stagecoach model, though something acceptable may be arranged.

Looking forward to the finished product as I can see that the Star Wars Miniatures Battles System will work for such a game!

Soldadets said...

By June 1st, you say? OK, we'll be having the scenario outlined by tomorrow or Monday at most.

Jiminho said...

Great news, MurdocK!

Time for us to scramble!


Soldadets said...

The proxy scenario is already available. Check this post:

MurdocK said...

I have downloaded the details and will be looking into putting this on the tabletop this weekend.

Likely two players ... though if one more can be sourced we could be doing a three player with a Referee.

MurdocK said...

All set to GO over the weekend!