Sunday, May 1, 2011

(OT) "Stylish Blogger Award"

My Fellow Bloggers,

Our "Emperor vs Elector" group blog has been nominated for a "Stylish Blogger Award" by Golconda Rising (and perhaps others).

However, since we have 90 authors I do not think that we can as a "group blog" follow the "rules" of this award . . . I mean Imaging each of us listing seven "unknown" facts about ourselves . . . that would be 630 facts . . .

Besides I know that quite a few of us have already received an award for our individual blogs . . . still, it is nice to be recognized, isn't it?

Any of you co-authors would like to share some "unknown facts" about yourselves may feel free to do so in the "Comments" section of this post.

But a hearty "Congratulations!" to all of us.

-- Jeff, EvE's Inhaber


tradgardmastare said...

But a hearty "Congratulations!" to all of us.

I'll second that Jeff!
well done all concerned!

MurdocK said...

How about a little about the 'genesis' of EvE?

Back in 2006, Jeff and I were toying with some way of connecting on line with other tabletop game players and enthusiasts.

Jeff had the idea of a campaign of sorts called Emperor vs Elector (look into some of the earliest posts on this blog and you will see much of that discussion).

After seeing some of the contributor material, coming in the form of short stories, artwork (like uniforms Not By Appointment and medals), and then the Battles by Proxy; when asked by Jeff which way I thought the blog should be encouraged, I responded with,

"I think the congenial conversation with focus on the Imagi-Nations of the contributor(s) involved should be encouraged. Let the multi-layered histories and time-lines all swim together into one tapestry of the vision of this hobby."

Thus the current story telling and AAR format was born!

Conrad Hawkwood said...

this "award" seems to be as exclusive as the common cold..

tradgardmastare said...

I.for one, am up for such a scheme that encourages interaction and communication betwixt bloggers and disseminates good ideas around the Hobby. Do you not agree Conrad H?

Conrad Hawkwood said...

we do that without this rather silly award thing..a stunt as far as I can see and not all that clever..

tradgardmastare said...

Whatever the origins of this award it is not being awarded by our fellow wargamers as a stunt. I think that needs to be recognised as the positive thing it is. Not to mention the genuine good natured awarding currently underway in our midst...

Conrad Hawkwood said...

can't agree and it may be a dangerous stunt ..I am not postting up my award..yes I reeived one like nearly everybody else in the known universe..