Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wo Ist Der Artur Von Frankzonia?

Date: 13 October 1760/2010
Location: Hillside Outside Frankfurt Am Main
Situation: Luncheon For Two Gallian Officers
For A Better View And To See Lunch, Double Click Images
On a hilltop outside Frankfurt Am Main Lieutenant Général Armentieres (left) and l'Intendat l'Comte de Bastille are about to enjoy luncheon.

Armentieres: "The Frankzonians know how to prepare a heavy luncheon, do they not?"

Bastille: "Oui. That Hurtshog! His people try very hard."

Armentieres: "Are you softening about the Frankzonians?"

Bastille: "After three years at this post, though combustible to be sure, with confusions a plenty, we are still here. Plus, the battle in which you assisted Der Hurtshog on 22 June this year reduced the turbulence in my thoughts - almost entirely."

Armentieres: "I found him a like-able German. It would be good to see him again."

Bastille: "Oui. Where is he these days?"


MurdocK said...

Fantastic Vignette I love the eye candy.

David said...

Ditto! :-)



tidders said...

Bravo - the lunch looks good enough to eat !

Lovely vignette

-- Allan

Martin said...

A rather considerable number of Gentlemen, all with the last name of von Kerns, have visited the palace and have asked that same question, "Where is the Grand Duke?"

Frankfurter said...

Since mid July, I've had to deal with a real roller coaster of health problems. The doctors think I'm through the worst of it, but I'm still on three or four new meds probably until New Year's.
I'd barely gotten past the crisis point when my computer went sour (out of date virus catcher).
I'm down to about 400 emails I have to examine (mostly spam, of course, but I've found that spam blockers block way too much, so I have to look at the headers anyway).
I was working on a lovely new character, Father Umlaut, who is trying to save the Von Kerns and their friend, the Bey Window (the Hurtshog's half brother) from the Austrian fanatics, when everything went belly up. I haven't even painted much for several weeks! :(

These EvE blogs are my main entertainment, and I've not been able to monitor them for weeks!
I'm hoping to catch up tomorrow and get back in the swing of things, but there's some more tests to be taken next week before I dare relax yet.

I miss you all too!!!