Friday, October 22, 2010

3rd Dragoon Guards Arrive at Minden

A squadron of RSM95 British Dragoons Charging, painted as the 3rd DG by Der Alte Fritz. Flag is from The Flag Dude. Click twice to enlarge the view.

To: Major Basil Brush, deputy-commander, His Majesty's 3rd Dragoon Guards.

Station: Emden, Germania

My dear Major Brush,

In the absence of Colonel Howard, who has recently taken ill with Tradgardland Fever, you are hearby given temporary command of His Majesty's 3rd Regiment of Dragoon Guards. Your initial orders are to move the regiment on the morrow from your quarters in Emden and ride to Minden, to reinforce Lord Granby's garrsion in the city of the same. You are to be joined by a squadron of the 1st Dragoon Guards, under the command of Captain Cook. Since your route of travel is well behind the Allied army's lines, it is unlikely that you will encounter any hostile forces. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you post an a picket of one troop ahead of your regiment as a precaution, should any Gallian light cavalry be found patrolling behind the Allied lines.

By the General Commanding,

Lord Willoughby

October 22, 1760


Gallia said...

Stunning array Jim!

Die alte Aechzener said...

Is that Galloping Willoughby, bigod?

Elegantly turned out men, whoever be footing the bill