Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An upset in the siege of Dolfstein

Your Highnesses of the States General
I wish to report a minor irritation during the siege of Dolfstein in Frankenberg. Although the campaign goes well a recent raid by the enemy has somewhat disrupted us. A supply convoy escorted by our Danish contingent was surprised and overwhelmed by a superior force of the enemy. This act was somewhat knavish, and this is reinforced by the enemy's use of a horde of barbaric Hussars to lead the attack.

Despite the valiant efforts of our troops the local commanders, Graf von Altefish, General van Klogg and General von Hinder-Entz, the supply train was captured and carried off in its entirety. Amongst the wagons was the paychest for the English troops. I have had the other paychests divided equally in order to make sure that all of our men have some sustenance, but the grumblings have not aided morale during this drawn out siege. I have confidence that Dolfstein will soon fall, however, and this will be a much needed fillip to us all.

Until then, Highnesses, I am your most loyal and obedient servant,
Field Marshal of the Allied Forces operating in Frankenberg,
Graf W. von Pritzwalk

P.S. Another paychest would be appreciated...

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