Tuesday, August 10, 2010

News from Galatea

Allow me a few comments about the development of the defiant Principality of Galatea birth campaign. First of all, the Catalan/Galatan diplomatic legacy is already arrived in Monte-Cristo and has just been installed at Paris H. Palace Hostel. The Legate Marquis de Vilana is now resting in his rooms while waiting for a Presipapal reception at Palace (chronicle already written and available here).

On the battlefield meanwhile, a Catalan/Galatan quick reaction (2nd turn) has taken the Two Crowns by surprise, thanks to having gained initiative, thus being able to reinforce a couple of uprisings, besides of promoting a few else. One of the major invading Two Crowns' armies have been cut supply lines (chronicle to be written shortly).

This is not all. The Principality weblog has been improved both in appearance in functionalities, so that the National Library has now a page of its own, and is proud to announce to have increased its collection with a plate of Spanish/Hispannic naval flags. Two flags plates else are being prepared (Brittanny and Holy Empire). A "who is who" page is to follow shortly too.

...And more yet! Once finished our Spanish Imagi-Nation names poll, results are as follows: Eiberia 38% - Celtiberia 27% - Scandalusia 16% - Sepharad 11% - Oldspania 5%. However, as some of you already know, out of the poll I was suggested the name of Hispannia and I admitted to like it. Therefore, I'll be primarily using that latest name, although reserving the names poll winner (Eiberia) as some kind of synonim -just the same way as Spain and Iberia are used in 'real life'.

...And last but not least, our heroine Mireia has spared her skin -by now (chronicle already posted).

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