Thursday, June 17, 2010

An important diplomatic Note from Monte-Cristo

It is our understanding that the presence in the Herrschaden contingent recently attached to Prussian forces, of a regiment of Monte-Cristan Freiwillige created some surprise. The Presipality as a State is perfectly neutral and unaligned, but it is not uncommon for adventurous Monte-Cristan boys (and girls, sometimes) to individually enlist for a few years in foreign service: thus a purely Monte-Cristan unit in foreign service may be perceived as a shocking 'novelty', perhaps marking a change of Presipapal policy. Such is not the case: the creation of this regiment is no more than a purely formal modification of the status of the Monte-Cristan mercenaries already in Herrschadener service.

Indeed, the bulk of this infantry unit is made of Monte-Cristans already in the service of the Direktorat -veterans from the Jowetski legion, volunteers transfered from the Liebrgt. or the redirekted Oebel Dragoner- completed with unemployed MC soldiers from the various and sundry forces disbanded in the general area after the end of the war in Lifonlia. When creating the Monte-Cristan IR the Direktorat did not raise a new unit, merely converged in a body of their own Monte-Cristan soldiers so far scattered among various outfits: a purely administrative step, without any meaning or importance outside the Herrschaden military structure.

As for the cavalry element raised by Direktorix Katarin Lahmia during her sojourn in the Presipality, it is made of individuals serving her not as soldiers of MC nationality but as private persons who enthusiastically volunteered to become her bucellarii. Monte-Cristans greatly admire stong-minded women who broke the chains of sexist prejudices and traditions, and are extremely fond of 'Lady Katarin' as she is affectionately called here. The Presipality is in now way involved or implied in such private affairs.

Nonetheless, to prevent any malevolent comment or ill-meaning interpretation, the Presipapal Palace emphatically stresses that the so-called 'Monte-Cristan' units in Herrschadener service, and every one of their members, are under a carefully parsed contract of SWISS type, and can in no way be deemed breaches in, or infringements of, the traditional Monte-Cristan policy of perfect neutrality.

The Presipapal Palace warmly compliments and thanks the famous military fashion designer and long-lasting friend of Monte-Cristo, David Linienblatt of Tippelbruder, for the great flags, beautiful, inspirational and meaningful in every minute detail, he kindly drew for this new units.
According to Monte-Cristan practice, each unit has a single flag with 'State's' and 'regimental' sides, rather than a set of two flags, one 'State's' and one 'regimental'.

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As often the case, mortal beings require spoon-feeding...

...however EYE digress...

...Translation of recent Herrschaden documentary public release:

"In accordance with article 364, paragraph (G), point (IX) {for the uninitiated, this is an officially and Korrektly sanctioned press release to ALL Imagi-Nations}:

The War in Lifonlia continues unabated, yet Lietung-Direktor Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz has Direkted the retirement of the Jowetski Brigade and all components of aid to said nation. All Herrschadeners are returned to units of origin; all foreign nationals are transferred to service in the Liebregt. Exception is individual Monte-Criston Volunteers-for-Direktion. These individuals are to be formed into a singular-battalion line infantry regiment, with already serving memebers transferred from the Liebregt"....

It's quite clear, there is - of course - NO mistake. We have volunteers from all nations, all clamouring for their own 'national' reiments in Herrschadener service. Most of them serve out their sentences in the Liebregt, yet many choose to become Direkted into other areas of service....

...and why not - it hurts so good...that is all, for the moment.

This has been an official notification from Der Direktorat aus Herrschaden, by Direktor aus Informatien, Nelnieh Trebor, Korrektly authorized with Code ID: OIIIIIIIO