Monday, June 21, 2010

1741..War in Pangaea

It is the summer seaon of 1741  and war has broken out  in the continent of Pangaea..Nouvelle Champagene's army,  under the able  Marshal Merlot invaded the Electorate of Katerheim and the Commonwealth of  The United Provinces. A bloody battle was fought outside the city of Ornaje , both armies were mauled and  fell back.Merlot has now united his force with a fresh force and is, this Sunday confronting  His Melcastrian Majestie's Army of South Pangaea outside the  the badly despoiled city of Oberkatzer in North Katerheim..

Meanwhile  the  Ikeonia army , in the province of Straslund has decided upon a preemptive attack upon the Reichs Army   and has met them outside the town of Feuerbach in South Pappenheim. .
Read Pz.Ferdinad of Ikeonia's declaration of war here:



....what grand Herrschaden are pleased to hear of your war and send greetings to all belligerents:

...."enjoy your war, it wont last forever".....


Conrad Hawkwood said...

we have had a wr going for about a year now ..big battle on sunday , your old chum Rex vs me..