Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself

The name is Peter and I've just started a wargaming blog. One of the projects will be 7YW Imagi-Nation called the Dietsche Unie.

Please visit and let my alter ego, Pjotr Nyudrev, guide you.

My Imagi-Nation should be situated north-west of Pils-Holstein, centered around modern day Dutch and Belgian Limburg.



Frankfurter said...

Hi, Peter, I believe I've already been to your blog, but you forgot to include the URL for us to visit from here??

Peter said...

Well, ahum, just testing if somebody actually reads what I've posted.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I've turned the country name into a link to the blog.

-- Jeff (list inhaber)

abdul666 said...


abdul666 said...

since your blog will cover several projects, may I suggest you 'label' your posts (can be done a posteriori under the 'edit posts' utility): Ancients, Dietsche Unie, General, Napoleoni... Will be reader friendly and insure easy and exhaustive information retrieval when your blog reaches a huge number of posts. It will grow, and newcomers will discover it and enjoy exploring it in years to come.

Peter said...

Everybody, thank you for the warm welcome and the encouraging comments.
Jean-Louis, that is a good idea. I'll sort the labeling out once I get some more posts published.


Fire at Will said...

Welcome Peter, nice to see your blog after reading an article by Peter Lenders on the medieval period in Limburg in Hobilar. it seems a nice fit with the politics.

Tot Ziens


Peter said...


Thanks for visiting the Chronicles. I'm very interested in the article you mentioned. Were can I get hold of it?