Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Revenant Principality

The Defiant Principality is going to ride again. Yes, I know --that's right what I said two years ago. "Let's re-take the story", I said. Sadly it didn't happen, due to incidences and problems in our lives –-such kind of random events no one expects.

However, now I'm confident enough to announce it publicly, for the original team of gamers have gathered once again and are excited to re-start the game, after some planning already done. If anyone willing to learn more, please check our latest post at The Defiant Principality blog.


David Cooke said...

How did you do that lovely map?

Soldadets said...

Er... MS Paint, I swear :S

Soldadets said...

I mean, I've never bored to learn using powerful imaging software such as CorelDraw or PhotoShop; instead, I've got accustomed to using MS Paint only for drawing (with a little help of picture collection managing software such as ImageView or XvView).

then it's just a matter of googling the web until finding a suitable map of the region wished (that is, a simple one), converting it into a BMP file, reducing colours range as much as one can and start drawing :)

abdul666 said...

Hello Lluis so GREAT to have you back and kicking!
I was visiting EvE (and TMP) only occasionally for some time and it was a very pleasant surprise to read your post on TMP. I'll follow the Principality also from my other blogger (G+) 'Pierre Albanès' account I open more often.
At a personal level I'm so glad you overcame your Real Life™ difficulties enough to have enough time and a mind no longer blocked by 'serious' worries to resurrect the Principality.
Best regards,