Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How to downsize an already small army, and other musings

Sure that I would reveal no secret if I stated that Gibraltar was taken in 1704 by an Anglo-Dutch fleet on behalf of Archduke Charles Habsburg. By virtue of Utrecht Treaty (1713) it was agreed the enclave to come under British sovereignty, as most already know for sure.

OK so far. But, did you know that Gibraltar kept being ruled by an Austro-Catalan governor until 1719, when he was finally substituted? Besides, I've recently learnt that right after the rock conquest, a group of Catalan businessmen created there a West Indies trading company in 1709, that was christened as "Companyia Nova de Gibraltar" (=Gibraltar New Company).

We're going to combine and cook at will both curious stories as a starting point for an epic adventure in the Spanish Main, starred by an audacious band of Catalan settlers. Such campaign will be mostly RPG driven, with some wargaming sideshow around. If curious about this and other musings, please take a look into our blog latest entry.

While revamping that blog illustrations and broken links, I've taken advantage for posting a couple of early 18th century flag plates else. This time, some of the Holy Roman Empire states. Please enjoy them at will, if wished:

You can watch and download them from this particular page.

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