Friday, April 15, 2016

18 Cent. Flag plates

Hi, just a short note to acknowledge to anyone eventually interested that, while in the process of refurbishing The Defiant Principality blog, I'm taking advantage for restoring some flags and uniforms plates hosted there that went missing --whatever the reason why. Well, not just restoring them but rebuilding these at some extent. Besides of those plates directly related to the Principality itself, I have now online again a couple of plates else: for the Kingdom of France theone, and for the Kingdom of Spain the other. Just click on each to see it larger, if curious.

Plates themselves are a bit crude if compared to those professionally printed that can be found in market, but perhaps their uncommon subjects (land and state flags, as well as maritime ensigns) may be useful to someone. In any case, I'm getting a lot of fun at drawing them!

The whole flags collection will be posted on this particular page of my blog:


Adam Carriere said...

Very nicely done

Will McNally said...

Splendid flags, well done

Chris Gregg said...

I clicked through to the main blog and they are beautiful. You are very generous to make such good work available , thank you