Friday, November 23, 2012

Die Reihenfolge vom Vergoldeten Herzog awarded to King Ivan of Syldavia

The Herzog Mikhail Johnann von Hollerenschaut IV of Saxe-Coburn und Buchholz is most pleased to award the very first Reihenfolge vom Vergoldeten Herzog to King Ivan of Syldavia.

His majesty's victory over Hassan Muhtar Pasha west of Klow displayed cunning use of terrain, stoic defence, selfless courage and the inevitable triumph to which these attributes lead. The outcome represents the very essence of the order and it is the Herzog's greatest pleasure to make the award in due course.

Given the evident military prowess of King Ivan, the Herzog wishes to enquire if the exchange of military advisers would be possible, thus ensuring the ongoing improvement of tactical studies within both great nations. Stabshauptmann Gerhard von Blomphfart is ready to depart from Bad Übersetzung this very minute should His Majesty King Ivan agree to the exchange.


Jiminho said...

King Ivan gratefully accepts your gracious award, offer to open diplomatic relations and exchange military attachés.

The King has hand-picked an officer to send to your court. Obrist-Wachtmeist Bruno Strangenturze of the Dragoon Regiment Depot Squadron will head forthwith to Saxe-Coburn und Buchholz to present his credential.

With Respects,


Millsy said...


This very day Stabshauptmann Gerhard von Blomphfart has departed for your illustrious capital and will in due course present himself at your disposal.

He carries with him my deepest respect and admiration for your good self.

With Kind Regards,
Herzog Mikhail Johnann von Hollerenschaut IV