Thursday, November 22, 2012

Flags for trial

Last weekend the great, mystical and blog shy von Goutstricken shew'd off some flags he had made for his Wineburg-Reisling forces which are gathering for an upcoming iNation campaign we have in the pipeline. His rather nice flags have prompted my sudden enthusiasm for my own Banner work, having had a bit of a turn (which necessitated an ambulance ride) recently I have had to give painting a bit of a miss, my hands and eyes don't seem to work on the same plane, dimension "what have you" and general Tom Foolery on the computer has been keeping me active and sane so why not sit down and work out flaggery. 

Most of the work has been done with gimp and also the utilities paintbox, both free!

Regimental colours in embryo, WIP

Colonels colours perhaps

I have had to reduce the image quality for posting (the files were big'uns) but you get the general idea. Click to view larger sample

Tried a couple of different styles with the lower one needing a photo of some wavy bed linen, the black sheets were definitely a non starter. I don't think I'm going to give David Linienblatt (NBA) any sleepless nights but they didn't come out too bad, Dave's still going to get my work.  It has been a useful exercise in determining which elements work together and layout, for instance I have had the Coptic image for some while (in B&W) and it was nice to get around to colouring it and seeing if it would work for my flags.

Of course I need to get off of my arse and get my design thoughts fleshed out and off to Dave for my medals............ might use the 'puter for that as well.


Barry Taylor said...

Your flaggery and bannerisms are fine pieces of work, theres nought wrong with the way eye and hands working from what I have seen here, maybe its because you are spending too much time with that riesling chappie that the hands get a bit shakey.

Really nice work Dave.

Dave said...

damn that von Goutstricken, should have guessed he was behind it. I suspect he has been putting alcohol in my wine!

abdul666 said...

Really pleasant as they are, imho.

abdul666 said...

Gently but firmly push von Goutstricken out of blog shyness -anyway we'll enjoy the sight and achievements of his troops on the Hesse-Kassoulet Kronicles, and maybe a rich background 'fluff' will be posted on the Odd Fellows Wargaming Lounge?

Dave said...

He has been brave enough to make a posting over at the Lounge re the upcoming hostilities, von Goutstricken likes stay under the radar mostly. Clearly up to something....

Fitz-Badger said...

I like the flags, too, especially the regimental banner. Have you tried reducing them down and printing to actual miniature size? You might find that that will minimize (so to speak) any irregularities or imperfections you think are there in the full-size ones. Of course, it can also diminish details you want to see as well. In either case, "proofing" them is a good thing to do. :)

Ev said...

Very nice work, I must get the address of your banner makers!

Dave said...

Thanks Fitz-Badger, been proofed. Printed out very well although the texture on the red flag is a bit too much at a print size of 40mm. These files have been crippled as at 300dpi they were a wee large.

Ev, salutations My Raugraffin hopes you found your horoscope fruitfull.

Where in Au are you and co?
We are Qld

Ev said...

The delectable Signora Celeste was actually visiting the court of my Illustrious Adversary; our court, on the other hand, was visited by the dashing Baron von der Trenck, whose late departure has left the Grand Princess inconsolable. She is from one of the Counties Palatinate of the Germanies, and does not often hear German spoken in our court.

Indeed, her maids report (insofar as their limited knowledge of the German language will allow) that she has been daily lamenting the absence of the German tongue which so lately brought her happiness. However, I myself am loath to broach the subject, lest I give offence; for who can fathom the ways of a woman?

Yours in amity,


Ev said...

And I'm in Drummoyne, in Sydney's inner west.

Dave Woolford said...

My most profuse apologies I am but a humble chronicler. Unfortunately the Baron was called home on urgent business.

....he will resume his "normal" diplomatic duties as soon as this small mater is dealt with.