Thursday, April 26, 2012

A show of hands update


Further to my enquiry as to setting up some form of 18th C rules discussion and sharing platform.  I feel, coupled with my display of interest posting on TMP, that there is enough people taking an interest in the subject to start seeking out free wiki service providers and taking a crash course in wiki admin. In fact if the number of people who have in house rules and rules amendments, that they are willing to share and discuss, is anything to go by it may be quite a useful resource

I know that some may find using a wiki a daunting proposition after using public forums for such a long time but, as Jones is fond of saying, "don't panic!"  It is terribly easy, just like using email software and is ideal for generating and sharing ideas, team projects and documenting your suggestions via comments.

I propose a system whereby contributors apply (to control spamming and nuisance elements) for a "user position" this then allows you to contribute and author documents and upload files. Viewing and commenting is open to all just as it is in a public forum. Thanks to Lentulus for his suggestions.

To give me an out *grin* do not take the above as gospel, some points may change dependent on the wiki, and service provider. Anyone who has prior experience in setting up or operating a wiki is encouraged to offer suggestions, please.


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