Friday, April 27, 2012

Proxy Battle Search - Naval Raid - Tipplebruder Partisans

To continue the 'Seben Year Warz" that I started last year, now another move across the board.
The Russians have broken out across the rivers into Mieczyslaw and have sent a raid into the Duchy of the North. The raid is at odds of 2:1, with the intent and orders to destroy or damage military naval vessels in the port of Stockholm. The Russians want to have local naval supremacy in the Baltic before winter sets in.
Further to the south in central Uropa Saxe-Bearstein has been overrun by the Altmoranian forces. Now Wein comes within the grasp of King Billiam of Brandenburg. The Austrians have massed forces to cover the capitol and maintain a flank force to press across the Danube should the Altmoranians take action against the fortifications. More forces are being pulled back from the Dobrudshiva borders across the Hungarian plains. Will the Brandenburgers be able to take Wein before winter proper sets in?
Stagonia, having torn off their mask and fully supported Prussian aggression into Saxe-Bearstein, is now facing a pressure force from Gallia, these Frenchies mean business and the Stagoians only have some hastily raised militia and 4th drill battalions to defend the royal holdings. While the army has settled into the mountains including Tipplebruder in their supply lines. While not the center of operations the town of Tipplebruder is facing a stripping of local supplies to feed the Stagonian forces preparing to support Prussian advances on Wein. In the Atlantic, Spanish and French fleets have re-deployed, to support a Spanish blockade of Gran Bretan fleet in Gibraltar. This has pulled many Britannia ships from patrols and released pirate activity in the Mediterranean. All communications with Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt have been cut off. I have no naval game assets, so if there are EvE active members that would like to do the 2:1 odds Naval Raid at Stockholm - again this is a raid and the aim of the Russians is to sink, burn or damage as many Swedish ships as possible. Not a landing of troops. For those with skirmish forces, or an interest in doing a mountain raiding party sort of game (or games) then Tipplebruder militia could be active in messing with the Stagonian supply lines during autumn and early winter in the mountains around Tipplebruder. (Maybe a new storyline?)


tidders said...

I have some small model ships that I could use for the naval raid - how big are forces ??

Is it an attacking squadron against anchored ships ?

-- Allan

MurdocK said...

Well the 'raid' has been hastily put together by the Russians and the Swedes would not have much advance warning.

Russian forces would have to assemble, hard to do in the Baltic without someone spotting them, knowing what they were *up* to would be next to impossible though.

Overall combat odds are two to one, with three groups of Russian ships total 4 firepower going in against 1 group of Swedish ones total 2 firepower.

If you could depict a 'scramble' sort of response where 1/2 of the Swedes get moving (under less than ideal conditions of wind & tide) while the Russians press home with 1/2 of their force (the bigger 2 factor one - take a look at the image from the map - expanded map in the Baltic) with two supporting forces coming in afterwards to exploit the confusion?

Great Allan, if you could depict any sort of situation covering this battle!

tidders said...


will be able to do the naval raid by the Russians, will need a little preparation - will post raid results on EvE.

You may note that the King of Wittenberg is getting concerned about the presence of the Altmoranians to the north-west of his country in Saxe-Bearstein and the actions of the vile Stagonions. The King hopes to maintain Wittenberg's neutrality in this widening conflict.


MurdocK said...

Wittenberg may need to call on a 'greater power' to help secure their borders. Gallia is a natural choice ... though it may anger the Stagonians - no matter they are all busy right now.

Adam1776 said...

Love this map is a version of it available with out the names of the fictional kingdoms?

MurdocK said...

Yes Adam it is part of a Cyberboard for Empires in Arms.