Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2nd Montblanc battle AAR

A battle of the WSS campaign we're currently running was fought on last weekend. Yet a pitched fight, results were pretty unconclusive, for night fell before the attacking Hispannic/Spanish army had the chance of exploiting a lately gap in Galatan/Catalan lines.

Battle gamed with 15mm miniatures using "Beneath the Lily Banners" ruleset including some optional rules, such as random events, limited ammunition and rapid fire. Must say we had a huge lot of fun at playing it, in spite of some vacillation in a few stages --due to our still imperfect knowledge of both period and ruleset itself. An illustrated after battle report has been conveniently posted at Defiant Principality's weblog.

News from the fight are likely to have some repercussion on the negotiations Princess Elisenda is currently holding at Versailles, for a separate peace with Gallia/France --not less than the news of premature death of Queen Anne of Brittannia, coincidentally happened that very same turn.

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