Monday, October 17, 2011

French Imagi-Battalions

These are my first two Imagi-battalions to be added to my French army, the Corps du Vin (which I have already built, using real wine-producing regional Regiments - Champagne, Touraine, Medoc etc). However the rapid buildup of Perfidious Albion on the continent has necessitated reinforcements.

On the left is the Regiment de Poictesme (see the post below on EvE for the background to this), with the eventual design of the Drapeau d'Ordonnance we discussed shown here. Poictesme is an imaginary Southern French region imagined by the writer James Branch Cavell in his series of books. I imagine the Regiment Poictesme as an ex Milices unit (so it is in white at the moment, no cuff or turnback colours...though they may come in time...)

On the right is the Batalion Valais, a Swiss battalion from the Valais wine region, this was invented thanks to some EvE and TMP people's input - taking the Napoleonic era Batalion Valais and imagining what it would look like in French service in the Seven Years War , complete with a suitable Drapeau from Valais's colours.

I put them up here rather than on my blog, even though unfinished*  as we have been talking about the Poictesme flag on EvE all last week and this just seemed a nicer way of displaying my final design :).

To follow in the Corps du Vin's "Brigade Imaginaire" is the Lorraine imagi-Regiment Mosel and the contingent contributed by my German Imagi-Nation,

(*Apologies - flags unweathered, troops unwashed, un-drybrushed, and even still deflocked as I have just rebased the entire army onto 2" frontage, 1" depth bases)


Fitz-Badger said...

looking good!

Salvador said...

Inspiring too.
The Poictesme army should prepara its mobilization. Word is on the streets that the Catalans are discreetly moving their regular troops to their northern borders...

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Gallia said...

Bon Chance!

freecloud said...

Thanks all for the Drapeau suggestions - the troops will be finished this weekend, but I do think the flags have worked quite well :)