Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meanwhile, in Unkerlant

I realize news from the current struggle in Unkerlant has been sparse. Life and missing participants always plague campaigns, but I hope to soon kick start some activity.
Recently, Borogravian forces were bloodily repelled in the Arch Duchy of Volborg. The battle itself was particularly brutal on horse flesh, and both sides have become scarce on cavalry. Borogravia was able to find a pass through the mountains and across the treacherous River Vollen, thanks to traitorous cur of a local lord.
Meanwhile, across the country, Franistover and Zlobenia face off for control of the west, in what is sure to be a titanic battle (by Unkerlant standards).

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Die alte Aechzener said...

I told you rounding up all the war correspondants and pressing them into service as the Compagne d'elite de journalistas would slow down the dissemination of news!