Saturday, August 27, 2011

Battle of Montblanc, 4th October 1713

Taking advantage of a gap in the Hispannic/Spanish lines leaving unprotected a town that was key to the communication between two of their major armies, two Galatan/Catalan columns converged upon that town -not other than Montblanc, a beautiful medieval city not far from Tarragona where Catalan mythology sets their version of the Legend of Saint George and the Dragon!

As it couldn't be otherwise, Saint George clearly favoured the Galatans and allowed them to release the town, expelling from it the Hispannic garrison -not without an after battle intense negotiation, while sunlight was slowly fading away. This was finally arranged in a honourable way to the Hispannic commander, whose men had so bravely behaved in spite of numerical inferiority...

If curious, you can read the illustrated battle report here: Montblanc town released!

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