Thursday, June 30, 2011

Frankszonia Update

Phil Malthus has tracked down the "missing" Arthur of Frankszonia and emailed me the following updated information:

"Well, some good news – I tracked down Arthur and he is alive – he broke his leg twice (!) in January, and got shoved into a nursing home for 3 months.

He’s out now, and very slowly recuperating, but his computer & toys & paints are all buried under an accumulation that has built up in the interim.

I’m not sure when he hopes to have it excavated and available for access again."

So at least we now know that he's still with us. Let us hope that he will soon be able to get to his computer and rejoin us.

-- Jeff


Duke Kristjan the II said...

Thanks for the update.

Martin said...

Phil & Jeff,

This is excellent news! Thanks to both of you for going that extra mile!


Gallia said...

Thank God.
Bill P.

David said...

Good news indeed. Hope he'll be back posting and gaming again soon.

Thanks from me too for finding out how things stand.



tradgardmastare said...

Most excellent news re Arthur-hope he will be with us again soon...

Thanks for your efforts gentlemen on our behalf.

abdul666 said...

Thanks for tracking our friend!

Bluebear Jeff said...


Phil Malthus deserves most of the credit. He contacted me to see if what I knew about Arthur's location.

I knew this from his profile on the "Koenig Krieg" Forum.

It was Phil who then tracked him down. He did the real "legwork".

-- Jeff

Soldadets said...

Glad to know too. Wish he gets back again :)

Tomo said...

Do you have a snailmail addy so we can send get well cards to him?

A J said...

That's good news. Thanks to you both for updating us.