Monday, July 5, 2010

A diplomatic legacy arrives in Monte-Cristo

A Catalan/Galatan ship has just anchored in Monte Cristo bay, with a diplomatic legacy on board. If desired, a chronicle can be read at




abdul666 said...

Because of its universally acknowledged neutrality and discretion Monte-Cristos is a popular location for diplomatic meetings -specially the officious ones, or the discret preliminaries to formal ones later held elsewhere. By its fair weather and its relaxed atmosphere the Presipality is a little paradise propitious to quiet conversations and peaceful, unpassionate exchanges: tension, aggressivity soon disappear here.

We are as peaceful as neutral, and thus if our vaunted neutrality now and then suffers a minor breach, it's only in that we are deeply
biased in favor of peace and willing to support any effort bringing back peace or preventing war.
Peaceful we are, but not naive: knowing human nature, we understand peace can be preserved either by honest discussions dispelling misunderstandings or by the deterring nature of a powerful defensive alliance...

Wishing the most satisfying success to your mission, we warmly welcome yourself and your compatriots.

Louys de Monte-Cristo