Monday, July 19, 2010

CWJ Features EvE Writers

The Pilot Issue of "The Classic Wargamer's Journal", a new "newsletter"offered by Phil Olley, features a number of Emperor vs Elector writers.

Bill Protz of Campaigns in Germania finds himself marooned in an article entitled "Desert Island Wargaming".

Stokes Schwartz of The Grand Duchy of Stollen fame offers "A Classic Wargaming Painting Guide" about how to complete large units for the table top.

And I have written a piece entitled "The Character of Commanders" about how to introduce some "fog of war" into your games by giving Personalities to your subcommanders.

There may be even more EvE contributors since email addresses don't often match a person's real name . . . and that it all I have for many of our contributor memebers.  If so, I offer my apologies for not recognizing your names.

For more information, please visit Phil Olley's Classic War-Gaming blog.  

-- Jeff

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Note: There isn't anything about this on my Saxe-Bearstein blog because I have been unable to post there for some reason unknown to me.

-- Jeff