Friday, December 25, 2009


Monte-Cristo warmly welcomes the new members of our League: Kruppfalz & Skyria and the Kingdom of Katzenstein.

The Presipality recently established preliminary diplomatic exchanges with several other countries: Alstein, a currently 'Keine Namen' one and a complex still only known by the nickname of 'The Wholly Romantic Empire' (?): hopefully they'll join us someday.

The Great Antipodeal Continent of Pangaea is a world on its own, but events there deserve to be followed.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Actually Alstein is already a member.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Sorry -I 'spotted' it and linked MC to it before it was, and we are (fortunately / happily!) so numerous now... Diversity is richness.

Die alte Aechzener said...

Many thanks for the welcome

Conrad Hawkwood said...

Yes Pangaea is about to have two very large battles..the first is the clash , in the Alban province of Argon , between the invading army of Nouvelle-Champagne,commanded by the Viscomte de Merlot and the Alban Army commanded by Don Alexander Farneses, Duque de Parma, known far and wide as "the Butcher" due to his blody suppresion by Braganzan spperatists in the provinces of San Kylie and Corvova.
The N-C force is supported by a mixed Helvetian-N-C force ,under the command of General-Graf Jürgen von Kohler siegeing the fortress complex of Ronscevalles..
and outside the village Alt Hugel, the scene of the first encounter and victory over the Vorlund forces of von Bayerlinn.
Unable to evade a much larger force of Vorlunders led by Marshal Loudon himself King Oscar and the Vandenburg -Brussians have to fight again..a pivotal battle in the campaign, the first phase could end here with a severe Brussian defeat..

Archduke Piccolo said...

I'm still working on my blog ( and figuring out how things all work. "The Wholly Romantic Empire" is really a loose confedration of countries, City states, bishoprics who elect at the death of an incumbent, a successor. Very like the the "Holy Roman Empire", in fact, though it cam into existance much later. The Imperial homelands comprise Trockenbier and Auslese; the Elector's the Markgravate of Altmark and the Grand Duchy of Uberheim; The Princess Ursula's Principality of Ursaminor; and Constantine IX's recently renamed Grand Duchy M'yasma. The Empite and Ursaminor is separated by about a days march of Uberheim; such is the length (as the crow flies) of the common border shared by the Elector on the Grand Duke. There is a fifth counrty whose history occasionally impacts on these four: Jotun-Erbsten, but it in not part of the WRE.

The above blog site is where news a,d events will gradually emerge from the mists of obscurity...