Monday, October 5, 2009

Proxy Battle Search


I am seeking a battle to perform on the Sunday 18 October.

Something that may be of some value or whimsy to your 'imagi'Nation.

Please contact me soonest so that we may hammer out the Order of Battle.


Frankfurter said...

This is a tad out of normal, but I do have a battle ... or rather skirmish ... which needs to be resolved.
Hussars, Jaegers, and militia units hunting down "zombie" forces in the dense forests south of Frankfurter ...
Zombies are viewed not in modern cinematic style, but in classic ... very simple minded slave style ... not very good, but can't "rout". Nor will they have cavalry and artillery.
Probably not what you're looking for, but I'll toss into the mix?

MurdocK said...


This might make a great pretext for a border skirmish!

Looking at the mappe now!

I have anther imagi-nation that is also looking into a proxy battle...this might make a humorous halloweenee pretext.