Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Command Zone VIRTUAL online live

A weekend of tabletop escape.

COMMAND ZONE VIRTUAL 17-18-19 April 2020

Online LIVE games that you may join in or just watch on:

Starting on 17 April: Victory Without Quarter: Alpian Wars, 7 pm Pacific Time (same as LA, USA)
  - another of the many meeting engagements between Alpia and Stagonia

Continuing on 18 April: Ripple Field, English Civil War, 11 am start, with a potential to run the game twice with different players (depending on time and performance)

Ending on 19 April: Napoleonic battle, SHAKO II rules set: 11 am start with a gentle paced battle between Austro-Russians and Italian-French forces.

If you are keen to join in, as an active player, contact Murdock via blogger mail and get the connection code.  Otherwise feel free to drop by on

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