Saturday, October 25, 2014

Reichsarmee training question

Morning all!
I looking for information about the Reichsarmee. How often did they meet as batts/regts for training?At what level did they train -company,batt or what? Information re the different contingents and how often they came together and the officers and their background. Did the soldiers practice on firing ranges/pardadegrounds/wasteland/heaths in their local communities? The more I think about it how little I know about the day to day working of the reichsarmee at a low level...
Thanks in anticipation


Adam Carriere said...

I would recommend Peter H Wilson's book German Armies war and politics 1648 -1805. It's really a question that's answer varies a lot based on time and place. The book is a heavy read but rewarding if this is something your interested in. Training details are not covered in detail but you can get a good idea of the areas of Germany were the Reich army was an important part of the social fabric and collective defense and those areas where it was an afterthought to the prince's owe military force.

freecloud said...

Varied widely is probably best answer. If you read Kronoskaf there is that bit about how the French rated various units which may help