Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Commentaire from Gallia

Random Comments About E vs E:
It helps to have wargame campaigns generate diplomacy, mischief, battles, before and after effects and consequences. How many wargames are played by each of us that apply to the mid-18th C. or any wargames at all? I'm guessing few. I hope I am wrong and am politely corrected. Campaigns can be made up as one goes along such as Hesse Seewald vs Gallia or highly structured. For me, my painting, diplomacy, and inspiration drop way down when there are few 18th C. games. How about you?

Also I believe this: When we stop painting for a wargame time period, we stop gaming that time period.
Arthur got very sick about four years ago; broken leg followed by something he called a flesh-eating  whatever. Aweful! He was prolific and fun. Attempts to write to him at his last known snail-mail address did not result in replies so I fear the worst. Anyhow when Gallia invaded Germania years ago, Frankfurt Am Main became my magazine. Lo and behold it was Arthur's capital of Frankzonia! From there he and I went "wild" I suppose with intrigues, plots and characterizations. I miss Arthur as do some of you who remember him I am sure.

I did a proxy battle for him 4-5 years ago too.

Alan and I were messing around in the New World and someplace in northern Europe. I drifted off the reservation. Alan what happened to us? It was fun. Hesse-Seewald even sunk one of my ships in a Tradgardland port causing all sorts of writing, new characters and imagineering here.
Jean-Louis is right, I wandered off with General Pettygree, Expedition to Alexandrapour and some other things. We all do that and need to but I prefer the 18th C. over anything else bar none. BAR could be a pun!
Our regional pards are creaking along getting the SYW Cycle II started. ( A second SYW!) In January 2014, the Saxons somehow got out of Saxony and in this month there were three weeknight sessions to finish a small F&I game. I wrote about none of these on the Germania blog and I suppose I should. I have some nice images to do that. On May 3, 2014, we will assemble for a first battle in Western Germany - Westphalia to get underway there. Hesse-Seewald LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!
I check in here daily and would be disappointed if we do not rise again - one more time.
Bill P.
Gallia and Raschstein

Marshall Broglie, Lt. Gen. Chevert, Colonel Enigma, Lady Diana Pettygree and others do not want to pass into distant history just yet.

Colonel Enigma: "Was it YOU who stopped and wandered off the reservation Bill? Anyone else?"


Bluebear Jeff said...

Thank you for the post, sir.

Just a reminder to everyone . . . a while back I challenged EvE members to create some "mini-campaigns" using the Grant Scenario Books and the "Table Top Teasers" (available online) . . . and they came up with a number of them which can be accessed here:

On a second matter, Everyone, I very much encourage more interaction between characters and Imagi-Nations.

Do not feel that you need my approval to instigate such (as some of you know I've been fighting cancer for the past two years and so have had limited energy for gaming or blogging).

-- Jeff
EvE Inhaber

tradgardmastare said...

I recall our interactions most happily.Don't forget the Jacobite supported by Tradgardland which was a catalyst to some great games and imagineering...
Through EvE and accompanying blogs I have deepened my period knowledge and had great fun- what more could one ask.
I've developed an interest in period gardening and recreating as aspects on the tabletop.Let's rally once again and see where we can go!

abdul666 said...

When perusing the 'EvE' archive from 2007 to 2009 one can only marvel at the amount of exchanges and interactions we had in those 'good old days'. Change came rather brutally around mid-2009, affecting simultaneously many members, which cannot be coincidental.

So there are 'shared' events still unfinished, mainly the Jacobite rebellion. And the fate of many 'colorful' characters is unknown: all those involved on one side or the other in the Jacobite campaign, Alisona of Tradgardland, the duchess of Saschen-Vindow since she left the Crooked Kobold...

Since time is rather elastic in the 'EvE' universe it is theoretically possible to resume the various story telling and campaigns where they were 5 years ago. It would be *great* but are enough of us still motivated? Are we so much older and disenchanted? Is 'Real Life' so much harsher on us? Are we, wargamers, frivolous butterflies ceaselessly passing from a flower to another because the next one always appears more attractive?

Indeed we heard of Lady Pettygree and Milady de Winter more recently -but not for almost 2 years and a half!
About Milady de Winter, I known she 'belongs' to DAF, but there are several interesting posts about her archived in the 'files' of the Old School Wargaming Yahoo group (among the 'Wars of the Saxon Duchies') -of restricted access, and ignored by many of us. Specially a fascinating post suggesting her main employer controls her by keeping her secret son as hostage... A 'copy and paste' here would be greatly beneficial.

Arthur was also a regular of the SOCDAISY, but having be banned of this Yahoo Group years ago I have no news of him. Given his age and his steadily declining health then, I'm afraid I fear the worst.