Monday, January 13, 2014

The Soverign's Servant

To get the subtitles in English:
Click on "cc", choose the Serbian subtitles, then choose "translate subtitles". and choose English. The translation is pretty good.


DeanM said...

Wow - very cool movie! I'll take this kind of movie over CGI "300" kinds of movies any day.

tidders said...

I have a DVD of the whole film with English substitles. Good movie - actions scenes and Battle of Poltava worth a watch.

I got my copy off Ebay, region 4 though - so you'll need a multi-region DVD player.

If you serach on YouTube for 'Sovereigns Servant' you find dome more clips including battle of Poltava.

-- Allan

abdul666 said...

Thanks for the link!

Der Alte Fritz said...

How do you "click on CC"? I do not see any icons other than stop, go fast forward or expand screen to full size.

MurdocK said...

Click first on the 'watch on YouTube' box, then in YouTube, you will see a "CC" button.