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French Flag information sought...

Did the Milices Bourgeoises volunteer units carry flags in the 18th century? If they did can anyone point me to some info about them?


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I did a google image search and came up with the following:


About the military state flags of 1759 already quoted says "each of these battalions of militia province have the same flags as infantry regiments which bear the name."
However, some militia regiments have special flags, it is difficult to ascertain what were the exact color of each of these regiments.

Militias boulonnaises, Roussillon and Béarn keep separate flags.
Charrié gives a flag militias Boulogne with a blue background and white cross Thicket attribute militias Béarn orders of the Duke of Grammont a flag of yellow satin loaded in the center of arms of the Principality (gold two cows from appetizers) and militias Beuvron under Colonel Harcourt a yellow flag and broad sectors 1 and 3 red and wide 2 and 4.

The royal grenadiers flags prescription with blue areas, bordered with white, white cross strewn with lilies of gold, in the center of the cross arms of the King in an ECU topped by a royal crown.

It is reasonable to assume that if provincial militia flags reflected their province and/or regular regiment from that province, city militia flags would incorporate the coat of arms of that city. This is rather weak, I realize, but may be something to think about if nothing else shows up.

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Have you seen this

Grenadiers Royaux

Milices Garde-cotes, Provinciale

Milices flags from Muoillard