Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mini-Campaign Challenge

Most of us are familiar with Charles Stewart Grant's wonderful book "Scenarios for Wargames".

I propose using it . . . or rather the scenarios in it to create some mini-campaigns . . . a series of logically linked scenarios that will provide the framework for a series of games.

Sure, Grant and Phil Olley have done something similar in their volumes "Raid on St. Michel" and "The Annexation of Chiraz" . . . and they are wonderful . . . but I'm looking for some simpler, quick and easy solutions that we can all use.

So here is the challenge . . .

Create a series of three to seven scenarios from Grant's "Scenarios for Wargames" that will make for a logical simple mini-campaign of linked scenarios.

You can even, if you like, make a "campaign tree". That is to build it in the format of "if Red won Scenario A, go to Scenario B . . . and if Blue won, go instead to Scenario C, etc.

Let's see what you can come up with, okay?


Also, an update on my health. First, I wish to thank all of you who have posted your kind wishes for my recovery . . . there is no need to repeat doing so . . . please use the "comment" feature of this post for "mini-campaign" suggestions.

Overall I feel much better although I do tire very quickly due to all of the blood I lost and my resulting low hemoglobin level

Also the hospital has changed my visit to the operating room from Monday to Wednesday, when they will hopefully find out what's wrong with me.

-- Jeff


freecloud said...

Good Idea - I've had that book for years and the 7YW is just perfect for it.

Hope you get well enough to paint soon :)

Peter Douglas said...


Great idea! I've got my thinking cap on.


ColCampbell50 said...


I think that I will also give it a whirl. As others, I have have that book for decades and have used some scenarios from it and from Grant's other book Programmed Wargames Scenarios.


Bluebear Jeff said...


The same "challenge" would be appropriate for "Programmed Scenarios for Wargames" for those who prefer to play solo.

-- Jeff

Will Scarvie said...

Where would you like our "challenge" responses, Jeff? Here in the comments, or in separate posts on the blog?

Bluebear Jeff said...


Probably here . . . so that they are in one place.

That being said, I have no objection if you make a separate post out of it . . . but I would ask that you put "Mini-Campaign Challenge" in the title so that they will be easy to find as time goes on.

And I might also suggest posting them on your own blog as well.

-- Jeff

Bluebear Jeff said...

Steve-the-Wargamer has accepted the challenge and has posted his mini-campaign on his blog:

Thanks, Steve.

-- Jeff

Peter Douglas said...


I've taken up the challenge and posted it at the

The browser on the PC I'm using today is stone aged, but I'll clean it up tonight when I can get on the MAc.



Bluebear Jeff said...

Ed from Hesse-Fedora has posted his mini-campaign here:

-- Jeff

Bluebear Jeff said...

Ross Macfarlane (author of such rule sets as "MacDuff to the Frontier", "Hearts of Tin", etc.) has posted an interesting mini-campaign on his "Game of the Month" blog:

Note that he chose a Colonial setting rather than an 18th century setting, but it looks very interesting.

While Ross lives in Nova Scotia, Canada and I live thousands of kilometers away on Vancouver Island off the other coast of Canada, I did have the pleasure of playing him a few years ago when he was out this way . . . here in the Comox Valley (where he sets his mini-Campaign.

-- Jeff

Ed said...

I see Jeff beat me to my announcement!