Sunday, November 20, 2011

Further movement in a seven years warz game

The Grand Mappe after three major moves ...

This time the big battle actions took place:

The BIG BATTLE was for Pilsner, the capitol of Saxe-Bearstein, facing odds of 1.4 to one the Austrian armies under Daun and Bearstein forces fought hard, even having a successful round in the middle of the day, some 4 hours after the first artillery barrages though the Austrians and Bearsteiners were in retreat. Indeed the pursuit was fierce enough to wipe out the remaining Bearstein forces. With some 60% casualties overall the allied force under Daun, who narrowly escaped injury when a battery nearby exploded, has consolidated in Burtzenia. A new all-Austrian line now faces the Altmoranian hordes. In the same battle Prince Henry of Altmorania was badly wounded when thrown from his horse following a charge that the had successfully led. Though sill with the army Prince Henry is not able to effectively take command.

On the east front of Altmorania, the siege of Miastokrol is over, with some 25% casualties the Altmoranian forces have withdrawn leaving Russians in control of the defences under the command of General Solikov.

East of Tipplebruder a Stagonian army was repulsed by the forces of the Empress.
Those retreating Stagonians will now be seeking shelter and not in any mood to be rebuffed...

Further Stagonian aggression was into Vienna! Again the results were terrible for Stagonia ... 55% casualties and the rest were taken prisoner.

Other actions were at sea with the Britannains utterly destroying Dutch shipping off the coast of Ober Nord Westfalen.

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