Sunday, September 25, 2011

Packs etc

Can anyone suggest a source of 25mm/28mm scale packs,pouches,spare weapons and sundry items to equip an 18th century adventurer prior to going off on an adventure?
many thanks in anticipation


Ed said...

Just one? That's tough, but I would take a look at the various plastic 28mm sprues, especially from Perry Miniatures. They allow you to buy many of them one at a time.

Other plastic sprues, such as Warlord ECW or even GW Empire might work, too. Ebay?


Gary said...

I agree. The plastic sets come with plenty of extra items to customize your figures. I would add Wargames factory to the list. One of my future projects is to add plastic carbines to a unit of old Scruby hussars to spruce them up.

Jacko said...


Find anyone that has made Victrix figures as the packs always seem to have a tonne of things left over in them.


tidders said...

Front rank do packs of Muskets/sword etc (see their 18th Century Equipment, Guns & Civilians
page, EQ cat nos)

-- Allan

abdul666 said...

Freebooter Miniatures (German) does 'pirates' weapons.