Friday, April 15, 2011

Troops of the Duchy of Pappenheim

Infantry and artilley of the Duchy are now ready for the field.All Eureka Saxons
See them at this place!!!!


Capt Bill said...

An excellent army with outstanding flags. Sir David is a true master...

Der Alte Fritz said...

I would dump the wall paper on your blog. One can't read any of the words on your blog because of it.

The figures look very nice.

Conrad Hawkwood said...

I don't quite understand DAF..all seems clear and easy to read to me..are you talking about the Barry Lyndon background? , there isn't any writing on the back ground..?

abdul666 said...

Indeed reading is difficult, at least for my old eyes!

Then, regarding Pappenheim: Where is the Cavalry?
Did you stop (short of) the Cavalry?

David said...

Is it a browser problem? Although I see no problem with Firefox 3.6 or IE8 - the text is on a plain white background in the centre and the images are around the sides well away from any text.



paulalba said...

Very impressive troop!