Saturday, November 6, 2010

First big battle, first defeat

The first big clash between Catalan/Galatan regular troops and the invading Two Crowns Army (which has had to be solved by e-mail using Europa Universalis Combat Tables, due to a dramatic lack of lead on table :D) has come to an end. Numeric superiority and higher artillery firepower have finally prevailed upon bravery and veteranship.

Among the area peasants, it was told for some time the Ebro River waters flew red for two days... no doubt they exaggerated a bit, but the after battle carnage was frightening though.

This is the way the battle started:
...and this is how it ended:

Another Two Crowns victory, almost simultaneously and not far from the 'big battle' location:

...Harder times are still to come upon the Defiant Principality yet, I guess!

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abdul666 said...

"We lost a battle, we have not lost the war."
(Well, given that the man who made this claim was to remain four tears in exile in London, this proud sentence may be less conforting that it sounds at first...)
"No passaran!"
"Fins a la victòria, sempre!"
"Llibertat o mort!"