Friday, November 6, 2009


To all my Imagi-Nation friends.

Greetings and wish you and your families well.

One of my Confederates in the creation and production of the Direktorat aus Herrschaden has departed from us. His true name is Kevin Jowett, the principal of Battleline Scenics, a small independent business operation based in Australia, supplying wargames products and services.

He leaves a wife and sons. His brother has asked for all to know the business will continue at least for the moment. I do not know if any here (or on other wargamer boards) have orders/outstanding considerations etc, with the business. If so, please mail me direct.

Thank you.



Prinz Geoffrey said...

Sorry for the loss.

Mad Carew said...

Please accept my condolences.

Capt Bill said...

All of the flags in the Reich Duchy of Beerstein will be a half mast for seven days in honor of our colleague.

MurdocK said...

A 21 Gun salute to the great works of Kevin Jowett of Battleline Scenics!

He hath graduated to the next great school!

Our continued remembrance and advancing his works here shall be our celebration of his time with us.

David said...

Very sad and unexpected - condolences especially to his wife and sons.


Ken said...

Please pass along my condolences to Mr. Jowett's family. I am terribly sad to hear of their loss.


Thank you gentlemen, very much so.


Conrad Hawkwood said...

very sad,,I had spent a bit of time with him at the MOAB convention a month before and we had had a good laugh.. all the Kopf-Schlager, Hoche -Affeburg and Habischwald troops , as well as any number of others I have painted for the Pangaean Campaign are all based on Kev's excellent and very reasonably priced bases..He was a good bloke, a very good bloke..